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Doing Art during Thunder

Feeling exited that I started yet another series of work, and it began in the midst of thundering skies and intense lightening. It felt like G’d was talking to me, from above… and that is how the idea of doing a new series of Tulip Grails started. I guess I got a bit of an ignition from above or maybe, a recognition from above. As it for sure felt like G’d was talking in volumes, maybe in this way the thunders comes rolling down from heavens, trying to give us messages. I jumped few times in awe and shock being in the woods in my friends tree house as it was so load. Being that exposed was so elating, and to know this amazing natural phenomena does not come from nowhere, plus doing Art during thunder is fun.

So now I am working on a series of Tulip shaped grails, that within these grails, are also Tulips and other symbols. Fun for me to work within a set format, that is also flexible with creative possibility. Otherwise, I have created many forms of Tulip Grails in the past as well.

Feeling blessed and thankful, and thinking of the Holy Grail how it was a strong phenomena in history… how many legends were not told, in where knights were possessed and driven in search of the Holy Grail. Why would that be so fascinating, so inspiring? In my book Tulip Love, I talk about this desire, as it’s a similar need for humans to search for a deeper meaning, and stay connected to the divine. The grail is an empty vessel, from within it one can be filled with endless possibility.

The flower Tulip is one of the few flowers that are actually hollow, like a cup shaped blossom. It stands tall and erect towards heaven, open to receive from above its abundant flow… this I also teach in my workshops and share in book talks.

We can learn from the flower language to be our own vessels of receiving love and abundance from existence and divine light from above.

With much Tulip Love, Eva Ariela