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Downloading Art through hands

I love ‘downloading Art’ through my hands new characters, new facial expressions and unusual faces that land on my drawing papers.  I called this new style developed the last years “NAKED FACES”. At times it’s a memory of someone I saw or met randomly or a friend’s face that came into my consciousness, then my hands bring it out of me…

I also love matching different faces on the same page, at times one on the left side and the other one on the right side. There becomes a different expression between the two characters, as one of the faces expresses something different if relating to the other one from left or right side.

Our daily lives are filled with thousands of moods and emotional situations, let alone, the range of feelings we have in one single day. So be able to depict an array of some of them is important to me. It creates like a visual mirroring of what we sense on a daily basis, and can be good for us to look at. Like an inner reflection of whom we are, or notice something about ourselves we were not aware of at all within us.

That is what we artist do, naturally.  We like to show an image to make us recall whom we are or what is possible to feel or manifest, be with and cherish or process within.



I love the fact that ART can express the non verbal that may not be understood or spoken before. I am so thankful to G’d/HaSHEM (Hebrew) that he gave me the tools of expressing through my hands.

I recall my Mother telling me that when I was born, I had put my hands, hanging in front of my face…. and as she first saw me, for the first time, she exclaimed ‘ANDEN och HANDEN’, which means “the Soul and the Hand”.

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Blessings, Eva Ariela