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Hand painted signs in modern life

In our days of electronics, I think people still like to hold on to the old fashion way of presenting one self in businesses and in one’s home; not everything has to be offset print, or electronically produced. The hand crafted or calligraphic charm still calms the eye and brings back a sense of the ‘good old days’. I feel fortunate to have the need to create with my hands, and not only communicate through the computer or graphics. Images seen with our barren eyes has a large influence on our psyche, and in our modern day of over bombardments with quick visuals that make our mind jump from one thing to another within seconds, only creates a sense of unease in our being. A calm image that is stationed in one steady place, can bring a sense of reassured point and calm feeling in our home or office.

Over the years, my art work, has brought not only comfort to my clients, but also an energetic support. My hand-painted signs also bring people joy and a feeling of personalized piece of art, yet with a more directed function. Hand painted signs brings nostalgia of a time in the past, and people still want vintage and hand crafted items in their lives.

mezuzah with star of david copy

Having shared before about my background in the different art forms, like the 5th Dimensional Artwork, Tulip motives and Kabbalah posters, I also have a line of hand painted signs. They come in different forms and sizes, oval, square or painted mirrors. As for the Judaica items; I have different mezuzah designs, Shabbat candles holders and chamsa.

20141211_Shbbat holdersSo creating hand painted signs is a bit different, even some of them look like miniature replicas of my 5th dimensional oil paintings, they have more a functional purpose, while my abstract and other worldly 5th Dimensional pieces, are like windows to another universe. They kind of transport the viewer to another cosmic landscape, where colors and symbols are beyond imagination and very playful. Some say, they feel energized by them as well, and I have seen how it gives people renewed energy in their homes and/or create more harmony between the people living together in the home.

We have an upcoming Art fair, and need to complete more creative signs, look forward to displaying the hand crafted pieces again. There is always a different crowd, different ages and interests at each convention, so it will be interesting to experience. In hope my work will be exactly what the public is looking for during the week of the International Women’s Day. The signs for the doors are usually a more popular item, as people like to personalize their homes, if it be on the front door or the children’s bed room door.

In hope to bring more beauty and harmony to our unpredictable world, maybe it can bring a bit more peace within the realm of possibility, even with one small personalized sign. For view more of my art, you are welcome to visit ETSY.

Many Blessings and in hope you all share your beauty and creative force in your lives, we need it, with Love, Eva Ariela