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Landscape as an artistic thread

Eva Ariela winter in Stockholm

Spending some time in Sweden this winter was a good decision, as I don’t often come this time of the year. Being able to experience the snow again and understanding more the Yin & Yang phenomena that goes on a seasonal basis in this country, is interesting.

Winter in StockholmLast days, I visited dear friends out in their 18th century country home, sharing cozy dinner with warm lit candles and Christmas lights outside. It was pitch dark already at 4pm, and the next day we walked to the same beach we swim during the summers. Surreal, can this chilly cold snowy beach (that will soon be surrounded by an icy lake) be the same place we bathed in sunny warm weather? Two opposing landscapes on the same surface area upon Mother Earth! The contrasts are intense; from day light of 6 hours in the winter, to 22 hours in the summer.

It’s always a pleasure to be back, even though Stockholm hasn’t been my residential city for 40 years – it’s still “my home”, and a place where I feel comfortable.
Spending time in the archipelago during the summer, visiting friends, going to museums, looking for places to display my art and more… My fellow artist friend took me to Moderna Museet on Skeppsholmen , where we enjoyed an exhibit by talented Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson,

Eliasson, with his very special and unique artistic skills, provided powerful displays. His knowledge of rough Nordic nature, made waterfalls look like golden hair; spaces look like we were living in the beginning of the 19th century. He created a kind of black & white landscape that made everyone look grey inside the space… very cool and personal; like we entered another time frame and different landscape. Seams like his art comes straight from his heart – perfectly delivered to his audience. Of course this is a bit far from my daily artistic palette, the 5th dimensional art, which is on the contrary a very colorful landscape and almost futuristic.

Visiting such contemporary exhibitions is exciting – I love it… as it can involve experiential poignancy of the viewer. In this case myself… and it gives me inspiration to deliver the same experience to my viewers. For those of you out there enjoying my art, and following the 5th Dimensional Happenings, you can also visit

Gingerbread competition

Another fun exhibition was the yearly Gingerbread competition at the Architectural exhibition hall. Each year it has another theme, socially correct and in tuned to residential concepts. The strong smell of ginger bread, made me feel like a child again, adding more alive experiences while reminiscing past time.

Still, I keep sharing and spreading my art, my passion for Tulips and kabbalah. In addition to my Etsy store, Facebook and other websites – I show case in different countries around the globe. Over the years my paintings have been exposed internationally, in places such as Zurich, Geneva, Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm, Paris, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York and San Francisco.

Our next 5th Dimensional Happening will be in Jerusalem, in connection to the celebration of organic growth –  G’ds creation of the trees, Tu B’shvat. In similar to the trees, and their ability to grow bigger and stronger, we, human beings, have the same ability. Growth and personal development, is what life is all about, therefore the topic will be focusing on personal growth for the year 2016. The connection between us and nature, the trees as an art form – as with all creations delivered by Ha’Shem, our main Creator.

Wish us all a wonderful end of 2015, and a happy and healthy year ahead.

Love, Eva Ariela