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Natural Art

I came back to Sweden this week, as the summer finally is unfolding. So here again, Art will be revisited in the Swedish Woods, after having left the climate of the Israeli desert of Sahara winds… Look forward to painting and doing more commissioned artwork, one being a piece for a wedding. To order your own personally tailored art piece, welcome to visit one of my gallery pages.

20210425_090140Last year, we planted Tulips at Chabad in Gothenburg, as I often like to host groups to enjoy Tulips in their own homes or organizations. I have been doing Tulip Planting events, for 20 years, in where people are invited to take a bulb and hold it with an intention, and before planting the bulbs in the earth, sensing and praying for what it is one like to have and create in one’s life.

Tulips are the perfect expression of G’d love for us, in ancient Persian Mythology Tulips means Perfect Love.

So the first time we planted the bulbs were not in its best prime and they did not bloom well during the spring of the pandemic year in 2020. So this Spring 2021 (see featured image), the bloom was enhanced and beautiful; very symbolic the year 2020 had less bloom. This I encounter often, that the Tulip bulbs have a certain own inner intelligence, in where they bloom at the right time or wait for the right moment to display its glory.

May 2021 be a year of bloom and healing from the very hard last year.

20210425_090526Mother Earth and nature inspires and bathes our eyes into endless visual delights, and in this Scandinavian country, the sun’s low angel in late summer evenings, is a true inspiration for me as an artist.  The midnight sun, makes for amazing green landscapes with its long shaddows…

While during this spring in Israel my garden had many wonderful roses blooming into beautiful delight.

May we reap from the blossoming energies and take courage to heal and arise to new levels of beauty.

Be well and safe, with Tulip Love, Eva Ariela