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New Artistic Landscape

Last summer I went to visit Skagen in Denmark, and the light there was amazing. Same brightness one experiences in Jerusalem, yet there it was tinted with the faint marine blue colors reflected in the clouds. This summer I am visiting Kivik, a pastoral landscape in Skåne, abit like Skagen, near the Östersund with its reflective waves of tamed but somewhat wild ocean movements; a sea existing between Finland and Sweden. Here I have an easel in the lovely gazebo, ready to be used. The weather is perfectly subdued and not too hot so one can focus an inward journey of artistic ventures.

lennart Nilsson emreyoI also love walking around in the fields of wild flowers and feeling aligned with the life of the plant kingdom, daisies, poppies and many others. Yes, there are other flowers then Tulips, I do admit, and adorable as well… :). Here of course I did not see Tulips bloom like I did in the spring and in Holland, and not only did we see flowers, but porcupines, bucks, hawks, lambs, bulls, horses and more…

Love to see new horizons, and Österlen is known for attracting many different kinds of artists from Sweden and overseas, as they enjoy the lovely nature and light. One highlight was to see World known photographer Lennart Nilsson’s work, at Fabriken Gallery in Bästekille, and the attached image here is one of his early fetus work in the 1960 ties, reminding me a bit of my own work with sacred eggs, etc.

Österlen have art tours in the Spring and out through the year… A haven for art lovers & art buyers. Wish I myself can have a studio here one day. And the folks from Skåne are fun, more light-hearted and social then the northern Swedes, I must say. Only an hour to Copenhagen from here and to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. Basically a cool place to retire at one day, maybe?

Since most of my artwork is still in process, I won’t display them in this blog, but you are welcome to visit my art

In Malmö I went to see some Art museums as well, and near the Malmö Kungs Slott, there was a display of the White busses, that helped save around 7000 survivors from the concentration camps, in WWII. Among the 4000 Jews that were saved, was my dear Mother, Professor Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg.


The image here to the left is of one of the White Busses from WWII rescue episode, displayed outside Malmö museum and Castille. My Mother sat in one of those buses… bless her soul. Strange being in this city knowing that many years ago she came there, shattered from five brutal and cruel years, as well as just having lost her own Mother Felicia in Bergen Belzen concentration camp. Bless their dear souls.

With Tulip love, Eva Ariela