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Special for Peace zoom events

In hope everyone is ok, during these challenging times. Ever since 2020, we have had once a month zoom meetings and support network for like minded community members. We have been meeting now for four years, since the pandemic started, online, sharing words of encouragement and healing music, poetry and meditations together. This beautiful network of loving kind communities around our world, has been a good inspiration for many and we completed this year 2023, with a beautiful winter solstice conclusion, with diverse speakers, musicians and speakers.

See our program below and we will post the video later on.

To view other videos from this four year period, you are welcome to visit my youtube channel.

Happy New Year, may it be a more fulfilling and meaningful one,

Blessings and Peace, Eva Ariela

The artwork in the featured image, is one of my Flame Being Art series.

Last Co-Visioning, Tuesday, 26 December, 2023 ~ 9pm (IST)

‏Beyond our usual sharings, we will focus on what we are going through in this hard war. In conclusion of 2023 we will share how this year has been for us and also mention how our Co-Celebration word for this year, unfortunately is not ending in a celebratory note. Despite the difficult war situations, we will bring in uplifting energies and prayers.


‏Eva Ariela ~ Guided Meditation ~ Letting go of 2023

Jonathan ~ Sacred Music. Song & Guitar

‏Jeff Goldstein  ~ Energy Healing Circle

‏Amrita Magdala ~ Singing & Words of Wisdom

Dr. Ayala Hagage ~ Thoughts about todays reality

‏Rav Even Shay ~ Rav Kuk Teachings

‏Raba Shayna Nechama Naveh ~ Sharings from Hawaii

‏Yosef Yitzchak Jacobs ~ Wisdom & Reflection