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The Art of Creation

The Art of Creation.

Being an artist since a very young age, it became a continued love affair with the arts and expressions out through my life. My first oil painting was when I was 12 years old, so I feel I can share credible facts of what it is to be an artist.

An Artist goes to the social edges of humanity, in where mainstream folks may shy away from enter into. We artist, go to those not yet explored fringes, as we are soul searching beings, searching for beauty, for truth and for depth. We go to those uncomfortable edges where social norms end, and we artists, pass the line into another field of consciousness. Some of us show rebellious art protesting moral defaults of our world, some show painful portraits of pained souls, some take us into virtual mazes into new thinking. Some are simple bringing pure beauty.Boy with Heart_sm

What have I done? Ever since my dear sister Miriam passed away, I sat for years and painted different kind of faces, of me or my family and also sad faces at times, such ones that show soulful eyes. Since I grieved & processed the loss of my sister for years (whom was like my other Mother and my best friend), it resulted in many thousands drawings and painted faces. That was my first phase, a time of processing and sharing my feelings through paper and colors. Those art pieces I call my ‘Naked Faces’, which still continues into my grown up life. In the future I will have a solo show with these ‘personalities’. In this blog I am showing few faces, from different periods of my life.

Then during my years studying in Jerusalem, Venice & Berkeley, came the illustrative period, landscape and architectural drawings, figurative drawings, illustrations and graphics and more

After a while I met my Art Teacher Ross Drago whom taught me to find my own oil painting style, and it became the 5th Dimensional Artwork. Then the Tulip Period developed as I wrote my book TULIP LOVE. After I moved the Tulip Love healing center from California to Jerusalem, the Kabbalah Art period came into my life. That was the time I became closer to my own Jewish roots, and started to celebrate Shabbats and much more.

Since my art styles are illustrative, figurative and other dimensional, among other, I call myself an artist of the soul. In hope my work inspires new angles to see our beloved world. Thankful for all my fellow artists who bring abundant visuals to our world. Now I am open to seBoy with Tulips_sme if another period likes to enter into my life as well, but there is no rush for that happen soon, as I still have so, so many unfinished Kabbalah art pieces I like to complete.

Sending you all love and blessings, creativity and harmony. Eva Ariela