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Unplanned Art

Is planned art better then non planned art?

I think both are valid, as long as their is a message in the visuals that impacts the viewer. Like in any art, if it makes the viewer indifferent, then we the artist did not do a good job, but on the other hand, art and liking of beauty or harmony is quite subjective. Even to the point that some argue; art that is disharmonious is not art, while more rebellious artists, may think that the uglier the art piece is, the better… etc. Artists work vary from excruciating detailed pieces to more spontaneously abstract; from throwing a paint bucket on the canvas kind of thing, to a more thought out abstract visual delight.

In my case, its a bit different. Most of my 5th Dimensional art pieces are not really entirely planned, but more allowed for spontaneous creations, as I like to coin it, “creations that land on my canvas surface’ ~ that is what my 5th Dimensional art is about. Then I project them on wall surfaces, making it visually interactive with the public moving ‘inside’ the canvas… basically entering into another realm ~ the 5th Dimensional landscape! Of course my other styles are more planned out, especially if commissioned, with another focus.Space Opera FLAMENCA

When I created the 5th Dimensional artwork it came from an unplanned place of intense creativity just pouring out of me; waves of movement, filled with colorful swirls and life force. My hands did not plan, my mind was still and my arms were moving in a cosmic rhythm trying to align myself to a pure channel within me, yet I did not realize it at the time…

All I knew is that I had been guided by my art teacher Ross Drago to look at the canvas before any work done. So was true for just preparing the canvas, even laying down the foundation with gesso, was an creative act. I was invited to feel into the ‘unborn creation’ to come to its full expression and see what it needed in order for it to land and manifest itself on the empty canvas.

The foundation work, was pivotal for the actual art piece to manifest itself… It was like the unseen landscape underneath it all, as if it was holding the creation from an hidden place; twists and turns in the white gesso guided the colorful expression in between and around my brush stokes…

It was very satisfying that the art pieces came out of its own, as if I had no say in it, yet I welcomed it’s down pouring at my easel.

As of today I do new artwork, yet the original art pieces are continuously moving one, in my art projection multimedia work and happenings.

Our next event will be in Gothenburg, Sweden, 12 Sept, 2019.

Stay tuned for more details.

Many blessings and keep that creative spirit, love Eva Ariela