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What is Painting all about?

Are paintings created for people to enjoy or for the sake of the artist’s own self expression? Both cases may not always coincide yet when they come together, it’s even more of a celebration. It’s always a fine line for an artist to know when to be in a self expressive mode, verses painting or creating items that caters to others. Luckily, if these two venues match, then it’s a win~win for both the artist and the buyer.

My Art comes in various expression; from painting abstract art pieces, that may or may not speak to every person, to making hand painted signs, that are more individualized and functional. People can order their names on the hand painted signs for their kids rooms or offices, giving it a more personal touch. Still, it’s not one or the other, as artists often have a few styles, so the question is can a creative process also be a production line? Some successful artist do their life long artistic work with little enthusiasm, jaded by repetition. They may earn well, yet they lost the soulful expression on the way. The other extreme is like Van Gogh, who lived an intense emotional life in poverty, but his pieces were full of soul. Like most things in life, balance is what makes things harmonious.

A true artist is the one that listens to his or her own heart and desires as well as the collective need. Another key is to always evolve in the arts and find new formats to express, just like a physician, needs to read up on the newest research in order to be a great practitioner.ANGEL IN THE VOID copy I have always painted, ever since being a child and my studio is full of drawers of old and new artwork, showing many periods of my diverse life. Each style reflects the experiences I went through; if it was grieving the loss of my sister, or during school in California, my married years, while discovering the 5th Dimensional Art style at the Energy Art School, or during the time of writing my book Tulip Love

There are so many ways to really make an image…from looking at a landscape, to making portraits, to figurative drawings and abstract. Some capture a still life displaced peacefully on a table, come catch a moment of a surfer at sea, some paint an idea… some take their brush, close their eyes and let their hands guide them. When I teach, I think its paramount to begin with the foundation, yet its as important if not more, to let the imagination set free. I often tell my students, to take a few minutes and close their eyes before one ‘ventures out on the canvas’. The second step is allowing the hands guide the creation, not always through our minds, even if one keeps one eyes shut for the first minutes… then an initial imprint on to paper or canvas can set the tune for the whole art piece.

It’s best to let our thoughts and ideas of a particular outcome be placed aside, as then we can be happily surprised by what adventures may flow out. The options are endless and so is our imagination. Some do not feel comfortable without a realistic representation, but after being assured it’s alright to make no sense in one’s art form, many love their precious creations. Some even begin a new style, that they progress in, and eventually find playful new parts in their personality that can come out in life as well.

AFLYING BALOONnother cool thing is also about being ‘a nonlinear artist’ is that during the creative hours, the sky is the limit and one can ‘travel anywhere within ones mind’s eye’, as well as visually. Sort of a coordinated dance between and 3rd eye and our physical eyes. It’s best to create a space in where there are no distractions from the outside world, and go into a place of creative rest, even if it can be expressed with vigor. Like being on an automatic pilot, pretending life is a smooth sailing!

In any case, I am feeling exited about the new year 2016, as it opens up with many art projects to complete as well as continue to put out the 5th Dimensional Happenings events.

Blessings and much creativity to us all, Eva Ariela