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Landscape as an artistic thread

Eva Ariela winter in Stockholm

Spending some time in Sweden this winter was a good decision, as I don’t often come this time of the year. Being able to experience the snow again and understanding more the Yin & Yang phenomena that goes on a…


After 40 years in the Desert back to colder climate?

Back in Stockholm again, and this time it’s 40 years ago since I was in Sweden during the Christmas holidays. It’s both strange and nice to see glittering decorations inside people’s windows and all over town. Festivity in the air…


Spreading the Light in our World

Spreading the Light

Few days have passed since we finished celebrating the brightest of all Jewish holidays, Chanukah. For eights days we were spreading more and more light to our fellow friends and loved ones, lighting our Menorah (Chanukiah) in our homes, to show…


Transforming our dark season into Light & Happiness

my menorah at tulip

Since I was a kid I’ve always been inspired and uplifted during this time of the year, feeling a sense of coziness. Being raised and born in Sweden in the month of November, made me love rain & snow, often…


My Innocent Tulip Painting

Tulip Gateway

Sharing my art with the world is a known exposure and on another level, a sensitive matter… That is what we artists do, cast our inner world out there on the arena of observation, yet for some of us, it…