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Another milestone – whom am I after 40 years

Here again another milestone – whom am I? I was a 15 year kid when I left my birth country, Sweden, to live in Israel, and this weekend it will be exactly 40 years ago. Some of my friends whom also…


Our Creator’s little natural Juice packages

Celebrating the Trees and its Fruits.

One of the many beauties living in the land of milk and honey are the seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter bring their own personality and different sets of holidays. Since the winter is here, the next one on the…


Playful New Moon energy coming in

shvat tulips

This week we are celebrating the New Moon; ‘Rosh Chodesh SHVAT’ (Hebrew month in the moon based calendar) ~ in where we are giving thanks to the Trees, for all the gifts they share with us humans, among other things….


Inspiration for my own Atelier

For those of you following my blog, you know that I’m a globetrotter, love traveling around the world, experiencing new things and different arts. My latest trip was to the country of my heritage, Sweden, what a wonderful trip.. first…