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Escaping into a canvas

Man Avoids Void_sm

Ever felt like you need to escape this reality? Maybe escaping into a canvas, can be more rewarding then ‘meets the eye’. That is why art, music and dance are great ways to transport our selves into new landscapes. Sometimes…


Hand painted signs in modern life

Oval Green Tulip sign copy

In our days of electronics, I think people still like to hold on to the old fashion way of presenting one self in businesses and in one’s home; not everything has to be offset print, or electronically produced. The hand…


Courage to Love – not only a Valentine’s Heart

Tulipine's Day graphics_sm

It’s soon Valentine’s Day, and we will see many hearts flying around on the social media and in stores, chocolate covered hearts, heart shaped balloons, and what not. And we love painting and drawing hearts everywhere, and if we leave…


We can paint a better future…

There & Not there-sm

It’s never too late to do what we always dream of doing. And this applies to everything in life. We often daydream of another life we could have, or another place we could live in, etc. I found that painting…