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A Blooming Art Opening

Tulip Nectar-detail

Last Thursday’s Vernissage was great with music, many visitors, good vine and refreshments. A blooming Art Opening to say the least, as not only were there many ‘Tulips on Canvases’, but also many ‘real’ flowers!! Seams like in the Swedish tradition, people…


Tulips visiting Stockholm


Tulips have arrived in Stockholm… I will be showing swaying Tulips inside the 5th Dimension. In two days, there will be an Art Opening, with piano music and refreshments, while the exhibition will be open for viewing during the following week. You are all welcome to…


Art museums inspire me to paint

Man's skull vibrating_detail

It was great visiting the Moderna Museet in Stockholm this week, seeing the latest show by Artist Yayoi Kusama who shares her art from having had hallucinations as a child. She found a great way to heal her past by going the…


Zooning in on my Art


These days I am ‘zooning in’ on my art on the actual canvas, sharing detailed images on Instagram and other media.’ Zooning in, ”honing in’ and ‘fine toning’ (fine tuning) … on my already existing paintings is fun, sort of like revisiting…