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My Art Becomes People’s Playground

different story inside 5th dimension

Fifth dimensional art…what is that all about? What makes it different, from other kinds of artwork provided by artists? This is what today’s blog post will be about, and what makes it a different experience than a normal oil painting…


5th Dimensional springboard of visual delights

Woman’s Liberation - oil painting

When I was born, my dear Mother, bless her memory, exclaimed “Anden & Handen”, which if translated from Swedish means; The Soul & the Hand”. I had placed my hands near the sides of my face and my curious eyes,…


Sitting down in front an empty canvas & finding the 5th Dimension!

Eva Ariela dancing with dancers infront of her 5th Dimensional Art multi media style

As long as I can remember, I’ve been into different Arts, Handicrafts and alternative Healing techniques – mainly through the wonderful and beautiful flower Tulip, as well as the Judaism based mysterious Kabbalah. Three very different “activities” that I hope…


Calling upon the Angels to land on my canvas

For the last few weeks the winter is slowly making its appearance, the temperature has dropped and the clocks have changed. Our bodies are saying, “oh, its that time again”, and realizes its not that easy to shift again our…