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The Art of Cleaning


Spring is soon upon us, and I am doing a lot of Passover cleaning and cleansing, as it feels good, even if there is a bit of a burden having a deadline – 23 April! Before we can sit down…


‘Drawing’ in a New Future

couple in a circle copy

How can we bring in a new future? Can we visualize a better & more powerful outcome to our beloved blue planet that is ailing and struggling… yesterday we heard of another horrific terror attack in Brussels, months after the…


What is Painting all about?


Are paintings created for people to enjoy or for the sake of the artist’s own self expression? Both cases may not always coincide yet when they come together, it’s even more of a celebration. It’s always a fine line for…


Women are the ultimate creators ~ artists of life…

Woman overseeing her baby before birth_sm

We just celebrated the Women’s International Day all over the world and we had a lovely gathering at the Tulip Center, coinciding with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. As an artist and believer of our Creator and the power…


Art, Music & Muse

Blue Waves_sm

What makes us uplifted in life, is often Art, Music, Muse and Movement. Life is so intense and demanding, that we often need an outlet for our soul, mind and body. Since I was a child, I have always been…