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Art & Indigo Children

Eva, Ariel & crown copy 2

The new generation of Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children have come into to our planet the last decades. And I believe we have even a newer wave that were born after 2000 ~ the Shecinah children, that are highly connected…


Being an Artist

Eva as teenager

Being an artist is great in many ways but also not easy, as we feel the world from another place ~ a place where the real world meet the imaginary. That is what makes Art adored and loved by many…


Adam & Eve Oil Painting

Small Diptych

Where is our Garden of Eden? I miss it, being an ‘Eve’, and knowing that ones upon a time we basked in endless delight and love, therefor making this dual reality even more hard to bear at times. Still, its…


Beloveds meet for New Moon

Thrones in Tulip

We had a lovely event for Singles at the Tulip Center on the new moon of the Hebrew month of Sivan 2016. Beloveds meet for New Moon of Gemini, a great month to encounter the two aspects within our selves…


Time to enjoy Art again…

three dancers copy

Another busy week with planning, editing and creating new Art pieces for my summer Art show in Stockholm and in the autumn exhibits. It’s always exiting to share and show one’s Art, yet as with any trade, there is leg…